POSADA 100 YEARS ON Mural by Carlos Hernandez and The Amazing Hancock Brothers

Based on and inspired by the art of Jose Guadalupe Posada, printmakers Carlos Hernandez of Burning Bones Press in Houston, TX and The Amazing Hancock Brothers (Charles & John) of Austin, TX have created a tribute to Posada in recognition of the 100 years since his death. Posada was known primarily for woodcuts and engravings. The printmakers chose to take a more contemporary approach – the “Screenprint Mash-Up” – using his imagery. The process is collaborative, frenetic, fast and democratic; a set number of images were chosen, put into screens and were printed onto canvas in a seemingly random manner. The process allows spontaneity in re-contextualizing Posada’s images. The mural was created during a five-day period from June 3rd thru June 7th, 2013 at Burning Bones Press in Houston, Tx.

The piece is installed at The Pastry War in Houston.

Wall covering on site

Wall covering on site.

Carlos and John hard at work.

Carlos Hernandez and John Hancock hard at work.

John and helper with one section of the wallcovering.

John and helper adding final details.