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Stefan Hoffmann has completed an excellent project at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Read about it HERE
As always, Stefan did a wonderful job of documenting the project. Visit his website HERE

The video:

VSP friend Stefan Hoffmann recently spent time in Japan working on another excellent project (see it here). While there he met an artist, Taku, that does vertical screen printing. Here’s what Stefan had to say: “I met a vertical screen printer with a really nice technique when I was in Tokyo. No ink, just dirt he found on the street, added some wheat paste, and pushed his mixture through a very coarse mesh. I was amazed about the amount of detail and the thicknessĀ  of the ‘ink layer’.” See documentation of Taku’s technique below. Photos by Stefan Hoffmann

Taku 1

Taku 2

Taku 3

Taku 4


Master vertical screen printer Stefan Hoffmann has been busy this year. Here’s a link to documentation of a project he recently completed at a YMCA in New Brunswick, Canada. Take a Duvet Day

VSP champion Stefan Hoffmann recently finished a project in Montreal. Here’s a video of the piece being created.

In February 2011 Stefan Hoffmann created an intervention at Duke University’s Perkins Library. Very interesting piece that used found objects and images from the library. The project was made possible by a Collaboration Development Grant from the Council for the Arts, Office of the Provost, Duke University. Thanks to Meg Brown for all her help! See better documentation of this project at Hoffmann’s website.

technical guide to windowprinting from Stefan Hoffmann on Vimeo.