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Here’s a video of Stefan Hoffmann working with printmaking students from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Here’s a video of Stefan Hoffman working on his project called SMILE! at Phoenix Brighton in Brighton England.

Das Auge der Zeit, window printing CBK Rotterdam

le beurre, l'argent du beurre, baiser la cremiere (2), wall and window installation, 2008, doppelde, Dresden Germany

le beurre, l'argent du beurre, baiser la cremiere (2), wall installation, 2008, doppelde, Dresden Germany

Stefan Hoffmann is a Dutch artist whose work can be seen in Europe and North America. He is a master practitioner of the vertical screen printing method. Check out his website and Vimeo page for excellent documentation of his work.

His artist statement:
I work with a large number of screens with a wide range of imagery. Pictograms, medical illustrations, imagery from 17th century emblemabooks to name just a few. I specifically try to incorporate ‘local’ visual elements I find in or around the working location in this way reacting on the specific circumstances. In every project there is a combination of new and existing screens, gradually changing my visual alphabet. Except for the preparation of the screens there is no over all preliminary design
The proces of printing is a very important factor. Sometimes it is a short time intervention like on the billboards. But most of the times the printing takes weeks allowing a gradual growth and also giving the public the opportunity to follow the creative proces. After applying layers and layers of imagery, I also start removing parts again, untill a final state is reached. The projects are generally temporary but can be made permanent by adding a protective layer